Our group regularly collaborates with a number of research groups and partners including:

Dr Eddie Cussen, University of Sheffield
Dr Peter Baker, ISIS Neutron and Muon facility
Prof Peter Bruce FRS, University of Oxford
Prof Andrew Goodwin, Oxford University
Prof Duncan Gregory, University of Glasgow
Prof Clare Grey FRS, University of Cambridge
Dr Pooja Panchmatia, University of Loughborough
Dr David Scanlon, UCL
Dr James Cookson, Johnson Matthey
Prof Rachel O’Reilly, University of Warwick
Dr Eleanor Schofield, Mary Rose Trust
Prof Simon Billinge, Columbia University
Prof Adrian Porch, Cardiff University
Prof Kirsten Jensen, University of Copenhagen
Dr Marco diMichel, ESRF France
Dr Peter Chupas, Argonne National Labs, USA
Dr Karena Chapman, Argonne National Labs, USA